Other Projects


Located in the central part of the Eastmain Greenstone Belt, 60 kilometres southwest of Goldcorp’s Éléonore mine, this 8,226-hectare property is owned entirely by Eastmain. Wide-spaced drilling identified three copper-gold zones grading up to 8.15% copper, 36 g/t gold (1.05 ounces) and 52 g/t silver (1.52 ounces).


The Radisson Project covers 20,340 hectares of Archean-aged volcanic-sedimentary rocks hosting multiple gold occurrences. The straddles a regional structural/stratigraphic break with high potential for a sedimentary or volcanic-hosted gold deposit. 


This 1,024-hectare property, located 250 kilometres north of Matagami, hosts a stratabound, pyritic gold horizon geologically similar to the Bousquet and Hemlo mines of the Canadian Shield. Early drilling intersected up to 11.42 g/t gold over 1.3 metres (0.33 ounces per tonne over 4.3 feet) within a pyrite-pyrrhotite-fuchsite bearing cherty tuff.

Ruby Hill East and West

Optioned to Benz Mining Inc. on April 30, 2020. The Ruby Hill East block is immediately west of, and contiguous with the Eastmain Mine property and covers what has been interpreted as a geological repetition of the key mine horizon. This claim block straddles a regional stratigraphic and structural break – a prime target location for ore deposits. Regional geochemical surveys completed by the company on the Ruby Hill East property resulted in a very attractive gold-in-soil anomaly coinciding with a regional structural break delineated by airborne magnetic data.

Ruby Hill West straddles the western limb of the Upper Eastmain River Greenstone Belt approximately 30 kilometres northwest of the Eastmain Mine deposit in a similar geologic setting. Preliminary prospecting of the south-western part of this claim block delineated two anomalous rock trends. This claim block covers an entire segment of greenstone that is prospective for ore deposits and occurs within a poorly explored region. Previous exploration successfully identified several new mineralized targets, each having a similar Au-Ag-Cu signature to the Eastmain Mine, on both Ruby Hill properties. In 2015, DIAGNOS Inc. conducted a regional CARDS (Computer Aided Resource Detection System) analysis over the Ruby Hill property areas to create the Eastmain Mine gold signature and to develop similar gold targets. Four separate models of CARDS analysis generated 15 untested gold exploration targets over the Ruby Hill properties – 4 along the north part of Ruby Hill East and 11 along the northwest flank of Ruby Hill West. Follow-up mapping and prospecting of these target areas is the next phase of work proposed for Ruby Hill. Potential quantity and grade is conceptual in nature.

Lac Lessard

Optioned to a private company on June 10, 2020. Lac Lessard is located 15 kilometres northeast of the Eastmain mine site and is prospective for PGMs (Platinum Group Metals).